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We’ve worked tirelessly to maintain our leadership in the sale and management of apartments across Melbourne. When you deal with Lucas you’ll realise the priceless advantage that experience brings.

In fact, we list, manage and sell more apartments in our core area than anyone else in the business. All because we make it a priority to surround ourselves with everything that is great – great people, great marketing, great technology, great ideas and above all great clients.
At Lucas, we know the impact that thoughtful gestures can have, small or large, and with this in mind we always set out to make a real difference in our clients’ day! Going beyond the call of duty or simply stopping to consider the other point of view, our team is empathetic, passionate and conducts business in a way that benefits all. We are very conscious of being in the moment - you can achieve far more if you are entirely focused. When you’re dealing with us, you can be guaranteed we’re not answering other calls or thinking of other things - we’re listening, we’re interested and we’re all about you and your property.
There’s one thing the Lucas team do well and that’s to listen. Our clients can rely on intelligent advice, practical guidance, and a smooth sales process. We have one focus, to deliver you a premium result without drama. Our experienced Property Management teams understand exactly what it takes to maximise return on your property investment with seamless, stress-free management as well as protection of your asset through quality renter selection, rapid, cost-effective maintenance and timely reporting.
Whether you live locally, interstate or overseas, Lucas is committed to understanding your needs and assisting with your property requirements. Our International Services are specifically designed to make the process of buying, selling and renting in Melbourne as simple and successful as possible.
Our International Services team ensure seamless communication with all of our Chinese clients, throughout every property transaction - offering Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Malay translation where required or preferred.
For international buyers living offshore, Lucas makes the process of buying and selling in Melbourne seamless. We can assist you with foreign investment rules, FIRB requirements, negotiations and translation services.
We offer our expertise in liaising between property owners and renters. We can also provide access to our network of Chinese solicitors, brokers and other trusted resources.

无论您是居住在本地、其他州或海外,Lucas公司致力于了解您的需求并协助您实现对物业的一切所需。我们专门的国外客户服务能帮助简化您在墨尔本买卖、租赁房屋的程序,取得最佳成果。 我们的国内外客户服务团队确保在每次房地产交易中,为每位华裔客户提供畅通的沟通管道,我们可依客户需求提供普通话、粤语、闽南语、马来语服务。 对于居住海外的国际买家,Lucas公司致力带来顺利、流畅的墨尔本房地产交易。我们能协助您了解外国投资规范,满足外国投资审查委员会要求,进行交易谈判以及材料翻译等。 我们专精于协助物业主和租户之间的良好沟通,并能为您提供我们的华裔律师、经纪商及其他可靠的人脉资源。
Lucas Real Estate has the unparalleled market knowledge and expertise drawn from over 12 years of apartment sales and property management experience across the city of Melbourne. Having been involved in the settlement of numerous developments, we understand the demands on the developers and the requirements from their stakeholders. We seek the optimum outcome in everything we do, hence knowledge is paramount. This is why we are the only choice when it comes to project sales and management.

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