Once you have made the decision to sell your home the next question is naturally - how can I get the highest price? It goes without saying that a good agent will play a huge part in getting you the best result but did you know that effective home styling or “home staging” will also play a significant role? In fact, some agents claim that every dollar they spend on styling they get back five times in sales price. That’s at least five great reasons why you should be embracing this phenomenon!

There are a number of professional interior designers who specialise in staging apartments for sale however below are some simple and straightforward tips you can implement yourself to make that lasting impression.

People can and will judge and book by its cover
When potential buyers arrive at your apartment, their first impression could mean the difference between and offer or not. This is your property’s moment to declare how wonderful it is so don’t underestimate how powerful this first impression can be.

De-personalise and de-clutter
Yes your home is a showcase for your life and all the trinkets, photos, books and knickknacks mean the world to you….but they don’t mean anything to potential buyers! You need to be able to disassociate yourself with your home and remove any personal items so that people can walk in and conjure up visions of themselves living in this space.

It’s what inside that counts
Don’t forget buyers are essentially shopping so they will open and close cupboards and doors as they see fit. Before inspections make sure you go through every drawer and cupboard and reorganise and again de-clutter. Good storage is usually up there on every buyer’s wish list so remove any unnecessary items to reveal the extent of the space. If you look in to your cupboard and think you’re being a little obsessive compulsive – then it probably means you’re on the right track!

Don’t give them a list of repairs
You want buyers to leave your property imagining moving in straight away not making a mental list of all the things that require fixing! So before you arrange inspections go through your property with a fine tooth comb. Look for chipped paint, flooring that may need attention, broken handles and loose fixtures and any other issues you have been telling yourself over the years you would get to! Now is the time.

How does the space work?
You want all furniture and items within the apartment to demonstrate how a space can work. Often that means removing excess furniture. Your focus should be to maximise space and light and give every room a purpose. Take the thinking out of it for the buyer.

Everyone’s gotta eat…and shower
Kitchen’s and Bathrooms really can sell a property so pay particular attention to these two areas. In your kitchen remove everything from benches and…you know it…declutter. Help connect your buyer with this room though sight and smell. It’s time to get your bake on!
In your bathroom, invest in some new towels and mats and maybe some quality candles and soaps to make the space inviting (keep the toilet lid shut so as not to make it too inviting!). Don’t underestimate the power of what new handles or paint can do for dated bathrooms.

Clean, clean, clean
Never has been a better time for some old fashioned elbow-grease. Before inspections your prperty should look immaculate. From front to back, windows to floors and ceiling and walls, everything must be spotless.

Property staging is increasingly becoming an integral part of the sales process. Contact our friendly team of vertical living specialists on 03 9091 1400 about any further ideas to get your home ready for market – it could just be the difference between selling and sold!