buyer tips

Your home may be the biggest single investment you make in your life, so understandably you want to get it right. We’ve asked our Agents for their top tips to finding the perfect home.

Everyone has differing desires and needs, hopes and dreams for their new home. Make a start by defining your home-buying parameters and writing them down. Include the must-haves, the nice-to-haves as well as things that don’t really matter.

Speak with your bank, coordinate your finances and create a realistic budget for yourself. This will enable you to narrow down the number of properties to look at.

Jot down the size of the property you need for your current circumstances and consider what will happen if those circumstances change. From there you can determine the minimum number of bedrooms/bathrooms you require.

Are you looking for a completely updated property or a renovator’s delight? If the latter ensure you have enough buffer in your budget to account for those inevitable hidden costs.

Love at first sight
You don’t necessarily have to fall in love at first sight. The key is to be able to unlock a property's true potential by being able to scratch under the surface. It is amazing how light fittings, paint or flooring can transform a property into your dream home!

Location, location, location
Check the surrounds of the property at different times of the day. Look at amenities and your work commute. Does this property fit in to your lifestyle? And will it fit into someone else’s lifestyle if you come to sell?

Picture perfect
Try and take a step back and visualise yourself living in this home. Will your furniture work in the space, is there enough storage? Can you see yourself hanging out here with friends and family?

Do you get that special feeling when you enter the home? Does your gut tell you this is it? Can you not think about anything else apart from owning this property? If that’s the case, welcome home!

Finding the dream home doesn’t have to be stressful or daunting, so get in touch with our Team and take one step closer towards finding your perfect property.