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As Spring is well and truly upon us, now is the time to revisit that list (the only thing that tends to grow in winter) and use the warmer weather as a springboard to focus on the areas of your home that really need the extra attention. And with the addition of daylight savings starting next weekend, you’ve even got an extra hour to play with!

We’ve put together our top 4 tips and tricks to help you successfully (and stylishly) clean out your home this Spring.

Most of us have a tendency to hoard in the cooler months. Now it’s time to pack away the odds and ends laying around the home. Not only will this will create a sense of space, it will also enable you to clean your home more efficiently and effectively.

Air it out
Open up all the windows and balcony doors, give everything a thorough clean - inside and out. This includes blinds, carpet and cupboards.

Fix those little repairs
You will always create improvements to your home by repairing any obvious damage. In most cases, fixing the damage now will also save the situation from deteriorating any further.

Freshen up with a coat of paint.
This might sound extreme but a light, neutral paint palette might be just what you need to create lasting change in your home. A fresh coat of paint really transforms the look and feel of a home and leaves it fresh and tidy. Or if you can’t muster up the energy for that, why not consider new knobs and fittings? It may surprise you how a couple of small changes can totally alter a space.

For other tricks and tips on how to refresh your home, chat to our team of vertical living specialists.