Decorate your apartment

Moving into your new apartment is bound to be an exciting time, but if you’ve previously lived in a larger space, you may need to revise your decorating strategy! With less floor space to fill, it’s important to choose items that make the most of your surroundings and maximise your living space. Here are our 6 simple steps to creating a stylish yet functional apartment space you’re sure to love.

Get clear on your vision
The first step to creating a beautiful apartment is to decide on the style of decor you’d like to focus on and ensure you have a clear picture of how you’d like your home to look. Given you’re likely to be working with a smaller space, it’s usually best to stick to a particular style to create a sense of consistency, and mixing too many different trends can start to look a little haphazard. So, get clear on your vision from the start, and create a plan for the look you intend to achieve.

Think about the layout
As with any home, it’s important to think about the layout before purchasing any major pieces of furniture. However, this rule is even more important with apartments, as you should aim to utilise the available space to the best of your availabilities – and you want your furniture to work with you, not against you! Before hitting the shops, consider the best layout of each room and consider which pieces would work best.

Make sure to measure
Following on from our last point, it’s a good idea to get closely acquainted with a measuring tape before making any purchases, as the last thing you want is for your new furniture not to fit in your new home! The measurements of certain rooms can be deceiving, so make sure to measure each room before parting ways with any of your hard earned cash.

Get creative with storage
One of the best ways to truly personalise your apartment is to get creative with lots of different storage options. Floating shelves can be an easy and affordable way to gain some extra storage space, as well as show off some of your favourite personal items. More and more furniture suppliers are also bringing out clever new pieces that offer hidden storage, so be sure to shop around to find the perfect items to help bring your apartment together.

Keep it neutral
When it comes to colour schemes, darker shades can make smaller spaces seem crowded, so it’s best to keep your apartment neutral with pops of colour suited to your personal tastes. Neutral colours also make it easier to redecorate further down the track and can help your apartment appeal to a wider range of buyers when the time comes to sell.

Add some depth
Our final tip to apartment styling is to create some depth within your space by layering up your space by adding a variety of different textures and fabrics in complementing colours and shades. Things like rugs, throws, and cushions are an effective and budget-friendly way to further personalise your space and can really make your new apartment start to feel like home.

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