hints & tips

First impressions are everything in real estate - creating a good one is imperative to the success of the sale of your home!

However increasing the appeal of your property pre-sale doesn’t have to require a team of professionals. Just one weekend dedicated to cleaning and refreshing your home can put you in great stead for a successful sale. For some economical and quick upgrades to implement, try out these DIY projects this weekend:

  • Deep Clean
  • Do more than just the usual quick spritz and vacuum – wipe doors and light switches, dust all vents and ceiling corners, make appliances sparkle and clean glass inside and out.

    • Depersonalise
    • Store away any personal possessions – this will allow all buyers to better imagine themselves in the space.

      • Decorate
      • Freshen up your décor through adding some colour. Fresh flowers, an interesting fruit bowl or the addition of new cushions, a throw or artworks will liven up living areas.

        • Declutter
        • Remove unnecessary and excess items – this will also make the move easier by starting the process of sorting and packing earlier. Additionally consider storing or selling any bulky surplus furniture that may impede access.

          • Delegate
          • Outsource by utilising Airtasker or ‘mates rates’ to fix or attend to items that you have been neglecting. This will ensure all lights are working and all doors, locks and appliances are operational.

            If you’re not sure where to start, or would like some personalised tips on how to better present your home for sale, our award-winning team is more than happy to help. You can contact them today on 03 9091 1400 or