wfh with lucas

More and more people are starting to work from home, and here at Lucas, our team is no exception as we’ve adjusted to working remotely ourselves. With many of our team also living in apartments, we’d love to share our top tips in embracing this new lifestyle.

Pick a spot for your office
Creating a dedicated working space in an apartment can be hard but with adjustable furniture pieces like fold-up desks and wall shelves, they’re ideal to customise your storage needs. It’s also important to find a spot with plenty of natural light and away from distractions like TVs.

Set workspace boundaries
If you live with other people, make sure your workspace has some enforceable boundaries. Even if you can't dedicate an entire room to your home office, you need to have something that defines when you're "on" and at work, and when you're "off" and not working so that you’re not distracted or interrupted. Whether it’s a busy sign on the edge of your desk or an agreement that wearing headphones mean DND.

Stick to your routine
It’s easy for work and home life to blur into one, so start your day by sticking to the same schedule as when you went into work. Try to get up at the same time and do all the things you would typically do to get ready for work, like making breakfast and coffee. Getting out of your pyjamas and getting dressed will also help give some structure to your day and create separation from home life.

Take a break
It’s important to clear your mind and take a breather throughout the day. If you’re easily side-tracked, try setting reminders either in your calendar or on your phone. Step onto your balcony for fresh air, have your lunch away from your computer and do a few stretches to get the blood flowing again.

Prepare for isolation
Even introverts who work in an office can suffer from isolation at suddenly being moved home. Stay proactively in touch with others rather than waiting for someone to reach out. That could mean emailing colleagues more often, having conference calls, video conferences, using chat tools or just picking up the phone.

By using these tips, it's made it easy for our team to adjust to our new working environments at home. As a result, it's business as usual at Lucas. If you're interested in viewing a property, whether it's a rental or sales listing, we have plenty of options to make it happen. Get in touch with our team today and we'll help find the best option that works for you.