Backed by our dedicated Property Management and Leasing teams, we achieved a new leasing record in the month of May! Having an in-depth understanding of both our landlord’s and tenant’s needs, we were successful in leasing out 100 properties and conducted approx. 470 inspections across the Lucas Group.

To ensure our continued level of service during the Covid-19 period, we implemented changes to our marketing strategies and adapted quickly. Considering Melbourne’s overall vacancy rate is at its highest in 3 years, this refreshed approach ensured we maintained our vacancy rate at a steady 3.85% compared to 7.8% in the broader apartment market.

These record numbers are a testament to our teams’ hard work and incredible customer service through a period of great uncertainty. Keeping our landlords well informed of market conditions, understanding our tenant's needs and motivations for moving, ensured properties were leased promptly and importantly, to quality tenants.

Our team will continue to review and implement the right strategies in an evolving market. If you need any assistance in finding a great tenant for your investment, we’re here to help.