Emma Racky

Each week we'll be focusing on a member in our Property Management team so you can get to know them a little better! You've probably talked to them on the phone or via email recently but this is a perfect chance to get an insight into the world of Property Management and what has changed during COVID-19.

First up we have our Property Management Team Leader, Emma Racky! Emma's affable personality and diligent nature allow instant rapport with her clients. Career-focused and determined, she aims to make the property management experience a positive one for both tenants and landlords alike.

How long have you been working as a Property Manager? 
I have been working as a Property Manager for 8 years. I started as an Assistant Property Manager where I was essentially thrown in the deep end to learn the ropes! Soon after I was given my own portfolio and I haven’t looked back since.

What have been some challenges you’ve experienced from a Property Management perspective with COVID-19? 
It can be said that in normal circumstances (pre-COVID-19) Property Manager’s wear many different ‘hats’ – we are equipped with various skills to handle an array of different scenarios. This certainly rings true with the impacts of COVID-19. We've had to quickly adapt to changes in our client's circumstances as well as keeping up with ever-changing rental legislation surrounding the different restriction levels Victoria has had in place.
Whilst we are always understanding of our client's needs, this is even more crucial now as both tenants and landlords are suffering various challenges of their own and we need to ensure we continue to be compassionate and assist as best we can, educating our clients and being transparent in our communication. With a great support system (our Property Management team) this hasn’t been as daunting as one would think! Our team has been very encouraging of each other, we are learning new things daily and sharing our experiences, supporting each other all the way through.

How have restrictions impacted your open for inspections? What are the latest restrictions? 
The latest stage 4 restrictions in Metro Melbourne, prevent agents from conducting physical inspections. Fortunately, our team takes great initiative and is very efficient – so whilst we had the opportunity, we visited our available properties to take videos in order to allow prospective tenants to view them virtually. Our listings now consist of both photos and a virtual tour enabling tenants to have a ‘walk through’ whilst still following the directive of the restrictions.

How has the increase in vacant properties impacted your conversations with landlords? 
Part of our service to our clients is to keep them up to date with market trends. This is even more crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic as the Docklands/CBD markets have shifted quickly and significantly. Being clear and transparent in our communication is key, and our landlords have been very responsive to our advice.