Justine Muscat

Today we have the pleasure of introducing our Assistant Property Manager, Justine Muscat! Always full of energy with a personality like sunshine to match, we love the positive attitude Justine brings to everything she does. You've probably seen Justine running around Docklands, whether it's to meet a prospective tenant or to complete a routine inspection, now it's your chance to get to know her a little better.

What made you choose a career in Property Management?
I started my career in property management at the age of 18. As soon as I graduated high school I wondered what would best suit me. I’ve always been interested in the property industry and wanted to further my passion by turning it into a career. I remember watching Real Estate inspired shows daily and thinking to myself, yes this is exactly what I want to do! I’m glad I took the chance!

What do you love most about working as an Assistant Property Manager?
The benefits are endless, but what I love the most is learning something new every day and finding ways to handle different situations. It never gets boring and no two days are ever the same! Also meeting different people from all walks of life! I wanted a career where I’m constantly challenged and always in a position to learn. This job definitely ensures that and inspires me to always put my best foot forward.

What did your average day look like before COVID-19 restrictions?
- The average day for an Assistant Property Manager (prior COVID-19) would be a mixture of things. A lot of my tasks aren't in the office but actually at the properties itself. You've probably seen me running around Docklands visiting different buildings! While there, I complete a range of tasks such as routine inspections, entry condition reports, open for inspections, private inspections and meeting and liaising with clients. When I am in the office, I'm ensuring all tenant enquiries and requests are handled promptly whether it's emails, texts or calls. This can definitely be quite strenuous but it all pushes me to try harder and excel further.

How has it changed now we’re in stage 4 lockdown?
COVID-19 has changed what is normal from a personal and business perspective, so it is different to a regular day on the job. However, we've adapted quickly and efficiently so we're still able to get the job done, even if it's just in a different way than usual. We've adjusted to the working from home lifestyle and we now conduct virtual video inspections. This means prospective clients can still see properties yet have no physical contact. This can be difficult however it has helped make us stronger personally and as a business overall. As I always say, if we can handle all these changes thrown at us, we can handle anything!