Hannah Doyle

A consummate professional and highly efficient, Hannah takes great pride in knowing her tenants and landlords are content as she is always striving to ensure long-standing relationships are built with her clients. Bubbly by nature, Hannah thrives on the fast-paced and ever-changing environment that Property Management offers.

What do you love most about managing apartments? 
The beauty of managing apartments is that you can schedule all your appointments in one building at the same time. This makes completing our daily tasks extremely efficient by saving us from going back and forth. In a lot of buildings, we manage over 40 apartments allowing us to gain in-depth knowledge about the complex inside and out. By understanding the internal advantages of each different floorplan it also allows us to help find the best-suited apartment for each prospective tenant.

What’s your favourite building out of your portfolio and why? 
My favourite building would be the Nolan building on Caravel Lane. The building is almost 20 years old but it's still in excellent condition. It has aged extremely well and has generously sized apartments compared to most. The harbour and city views are some of the best in Docklands, especially in some of our three bedrooms that have large balconies.

How have you adapted your work style during covid19? How has working remotely been? 
As I imagine for most people, there were adjustments to working from home at first. However, I am really enjoying it now that I have a steady routine going and a proper office space setup. Something that I found really helpful is allocating at least 30 minutes to yourself during the workday. This is where I close my laptop and head outside for a quick walk - it's important to get fresh air and reset. I find this helps me focus in the afternoons after a busy morning.

What has it been like working away from your fellow team members?
I certainly miss the office environment and interacting with everyone in person. However, we check-in every day as a team with our director Dylan. It makes sure we're all still connected and we're able to share what we are up to and in general to see how everyone is going. What's most important is that we're still able to bounce ideas off each other and the support has been tremendous. It certainly has made our team stronger than ever and it has proven that we can handle anything thrown at us!