Julian Lebdeh

A highly self-motivated individual, Julian blends a perfect mix of life skills and formal education with his real estate expertise to achieve outstanding results for his clients. Friendly and a great communicator, Julian always conducts himself with the highest of professional standards. His honesty and attention to detail are appreciated by all his clients.

Read on as Julian shares with us what's involved with leasing commercial properties and an update on the current market.

How long have you been working with commercial properties?
I’ve been working with commercial properties for the majority of my career, which almost 7 years now. I started off as an Assistant Property Manager for the first 12 months before taking on a portfolio of my own.

What are the differences between leasing residential and commercial properties?
Commercial lettings can be more complex in nature depending upon the property. It takes more time for a commercial property lease to be negotiated and it is usually a tailor-made experience to benefit each tenant. A commercial tenant will typically want to make some adjustments to the internal fit-out to better accommodate their business and often will lease premises for a longer period to avoid relocating their business.

What types of fees are involved with commercial properties?
Tenant costs are differentiated based upon the type of commercial premises(s). For instance, a tenant renting high rise office space is usually required to pay the Landlords relevant legal costs for the preparation of the lease. Whereas a retail tenant is exempt from these costs. Other additional start-up costs include a security deposit or bank guarantee in addition to the first month's rent paid in advance.

What impact has COVID had on the commercial market so far?
With relation to leasing, in particular, we are now seeing a trend of companies re-evaluating their office layouts and opting to downsize where available. Mainly due to working from home becoming more and more prevalent amongst particular industries. The majority of new tenancy briefs we are encountering in Docklands at present are small businesses looking for fitted-out office spaces to allow them to move straight in and commence operations once restrictions are lifted.

If you're in urgent need to lease your commercial property, or looking for a commercial space of your own - get in touch with Julian today!

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