laura gilchrist

Whether flying at 40,000 feet or with her feet placed firmly on the ground, Laura thrives on providing exceptional customer service and creates a positive environment wherever she goes. An excellent communicator and exceptionally hard-working, Laura's meticulous attention to detail and outstanding organisational skills are responsible for the efficiency and smooth running of our busy office.

Read on as Laura talks about her important role as a Front Office Manager.

What you think are the most important assets to have as a front office manager?
Some important assets to have as a front office manager is to be highly organised, dedicated and adhering to clients needs along with all team members. Having many years of experience in hospitality management and most recently has a flight attendant, this has enabled me to work under pressure and have a high level of communication.

What are the various office duties that you look after?
As the front office manager, I am responsible for all sales admin duties. Ensuring I have everything required before a property goes live, overlook marketing collateral and being available to all clients and agents should they need assistance whilst we bring their property to market. I also ensure a seamless process for both vendor and buyer. I am also the first point of contact when potential clients come to the office. I ensure they are given assistance and make them feel comfortable whilst we start them on their journey of buying or selling their home or new landlords/tenants.

What motivates you to start your workday every morning?
Knowing that I am part of our client’s journey and each day is going to be different. I am faced with new challenges every day. We have a great team in the office and everybody is willing to assist should anything unexpected arise. Real Estate is still relatively new to me and I am keen to learn more as time goes on.

How have you adapted your work style during covid19?
It has challenged me, especially during Melbourne’s stage 4 restrictions. Much of my job is sales admin but having a great support system in the office I was able to find tasks to do in the interim that still assists our agents in bettering their workflow. Now as we are allowed private inspections again, my workload has is returning to the norm which I love. I still wake up early, have lunch at the same time and finish at my normal time to keeps things somewhat normal. I definitely feel as though I have learnt a lot about myself over the last couple of months. We as a team have overcome some great challenges that I think will better us in the long run.