seasonal decor

As the seasons' change, so does your wardrobe and the way we live. It’s also the perfect time to revitalize your space and express yourself. In the cooler months, we tend to cook hearty meals, light candles and spend more time at home. Whereas warmer months, windows and doors are open to let in the cool breeze. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on complete overhauls, here are a few easy tips to transition your home décor between seasons.

Switch up the fabrics
One of the easiest ways to change things up in your home is by exchanging your throw pillows, bed linen and towels for new colours and textures. For instance, autumn is the perfect time to cover the couch in thicker fabrics that are both soft and warm. During the summer, you might consider linen that’s light and breathable.

Bring outside colours inside
When autumn comes around and the leaves change colours outside, we’re inspired by the warm tones of reds, yellows and deep oranges. In the warmer months when the sun is shining bright, it’s all about the bright pops of colour and décor that’s fresh and light. Incorporating outside colours indoors in the perfect way to transition between seasons.

Opt for a new rug
Area rugs have a way of pulling an entire room together. What’s best about these floor coverings is that they’re portable and versatile, so take advantage of how they can easily transition your space throughout the seasons! Choose hues and textures that complement the rest of your décor.

Add seasonal ornaments
In spring when flowers are in full bloom, adding vases of fresh-cut flowers around the house will instantly add a pop of colour. In autumn, by adding objects made of materials such as wood and wicker will instantly make a space feel warm and cosy.