the right agent

Throughout our lives, we buy and sell a lot of things. But there are very few things we buy and sell that are worth more than a property. Whether you’re looking to sell, interested in purchasing, searching for a rental property or for someone to manage it - choosing the right real estate agent can help you achieve the best results and make the entire process seamless. Here are 5 great tips to help bring you closer to finding the right agent.

Pick a local
The agent you choose is going to represent you and your property. It’s important that the agent you choose knows the area you’re selling in and understands both the other properties for sale and the properties that have sold recently. It’s essential to know the competition and what you’re up against.

Market knowledge
At Lucas, the majority of our agents are local Docklands residents. This allows us to know the local market better than anyone else and why we’re proud to call ourselves local experts. Whether it’s about the demographics, transport, or schools - we understand the pros and cons of living here and how to present your property to its full potential.

See your agent in action
One of the best ways to get an idea of who they are as a person and professionally is to attend one of their open homes. You’ll be able to see firsthand how they present the property and how they interact with potential buyers. It's also a perfect opportunity to introduce yourselves and start a conversation with them.

Research your agent
Another great way to see what they're like is to read reviews from past clients and look into their past results. Get the hard facts such as sale prices and time on the market. This will be someone helping you with your home, after all, you want them to be professional and dedicated while still achieving the best results.

Comfort matters
Seeing the results is one thing, but you also want to feel comfortable with your agent. Finding the right agent is a personal experience and one you should consider as such. You should feel at ease with your agent and communications should be open and honest.

If you’re looking for professionals in real estate, have a chat with our team at Lucas. There's a reason why we're #1 and we’d love to show you why!