decor tips

Let’s face it, it might not be winter just yet, but we can definitely feel the temperature drop in Melbourne! The grey skies and wet days may have set in, but that doesn't mean you should give up on style or comfort. The change of season is a great opportunity to revamp your apartment and turn it into a place that’s cosy, warm and inviting! With these tips, you’ll be feeling snug as a bug in no time!

One of the quickest ways to cosy up your home is to introduce layers. Things like throw rugs, cushions, faux sheepskins, floor rugs and heavy curtains all bring an element of warmth to a room and you'll have all creature comforts within arm's reach.

Winter days are shorter than their summer counterparts, but don't be discouraged. Use the lack of natural light as an opportunity to create atmosphere with different kinds of lighting. Try lamps, candles and look for bulbs with warmer tones for overhead lighting to give a warmer overall cast to a room. If your lamps have exposed bulbs, perhaps try integrating vintage decorative ones.

In Australia, winter is the season where our cultural desire for outdoor living is suppressed by gusty winds, frost-bitten lawns, and icy evenings. Bring a little of the outside in by way of hardy indoor plants or buy a bunch of flowers from the local market to bring a sunny disposition to the dreariest of corners.

If you’re considering purchasing new homewares for the winter, it’s the perfect chance to re-evaluate your interior colour scheme. This season calls for rich, saturated colours such as dark green, jewel tones, reds, or oranges. Similarly, fabric selection echoes the opulence of winter, with velvet, wool, cashmere and (faux) fur being the options of choice to channel warmth and texture into a room.