home improvement

Purchasing an apartment to become a home is a deeply personal experience, and if you’re anything like me, you may also feel that the kitchen is the heart of your home too. In some buildings, you might find that the kitchen (or bathroom) may need a bit of an update. Renovating can often seem daunting, but with the right professional advice, you’ll be on the path to your dream home in no time.

The old adage “kitchens sell houses” applies equally to apartments. A sleek, modern kitchen not only enhances functionality & livability but can also seriously improve the value of your home.

However, the hardest part can be sticking to your budget. From my own experience, I highly recommend employing a kitchen design professional for the best results. They will not only assist you with the physical design & finishes, but they will also coordinate the tradespeople required to complete the work.

As you consider a design change, be mindful of lift access to your apartment. Be sure to fully research the sizes & even lengths of products to be certain that they can make it up to & inside your front door. My new stone kitchen benchtop only just squeezed into my lift, something I hadn’t given any previous consideration to.

There are now hundreds of products to help you maximize & take full advantage of your available space. A few of my key recommendations include installing drawers in your kitchen rather than traditional swinging cupboard doors. Drawers allow you access to the back of your cupboards & stacking items within them means they won’t collapse all over the place while you’re looking for the right piece, commonly all the way in the back!

Hidden rubbish bins adjacent to, or underneath your sink, eliminate the often clunky-looking, freestanding bin, which can be a bit of an eyesore. A sliding pantry is a perfect solution for maximizing tall, narrow spaces, while a lazy susan in a corner cupboard means items are no longer lost forever in the deep dark recesses at the back.

In an apartment, I highly recommend installing a ceiling cassette rangehood. These range hoods are mounted flush with your ceiling without obstructing your view, while also providing a more open and inviting living & entertaining space. If you enjoy cooking & entertaining as much as I do, the benefit of being able to see & converse with family & friends while preparing meals was a revelation, not to mention keeping an eye on young kids!

Bathrooms can also look dated & tired quickly, depending on how well they have been maintained, & are another commonly renovated space. Due to the complexities of waterproofing in a bathroom, be sure to bring in the professionals, they not only protect your interior space but neighbouring apartment owners too.

It can often be difficult to move plumbing fixtures in apartment bathrooms, you more often than not will need to replace “like for like”. However, it is possible to alter the layout of baths & showers. I switched around the position of my bath & shower using a simple design element. I elevated my freestanding bathtub on a low-tiled platform, allowing the new plumbing to fall to the old shower drain.

Whatever you choose to do, & to whatever extent, I recommend hiring the right professionals, & happy renovating!